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Winter has only just arrived, but severe weather conditions have hit Ukraine. Extreme storms with fierce winds, heavy snow and rain and plummeting temperatures mean that soldiers are at risk of frostbite and hypothermia. Our ministry partner, Pastor Sergei is serving as a chaplain to Ukrainian troops freezing on the frontline, as they withstand the Russian invasion.

Pastor Sergei writes about the sleeping bags: “Winter is a very hard time for the soldiers, sleeping in tents, in dugouts or sometimes in the open. It is very cold. I am acquainted with some volunteers who sew sleeping bags at my request. The price of the bags is for materials only. The quality is very good. The soldiers are extremely grateful.”

Each sleeping bag costs £30 each and Serhii wants to buy at least 8O, so we need to raise about £2,300. Whether you can give enough for a component, 1 bag or even 10 bags, your giving may be lifesaving and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please follow the link above to our donations page. It would be helpful if you could reference your donation SLEEP.

Written by Melanie Gray, DHM trustee on behalf of the DHM team


Sleeping bag photos sent to us by Pastor Serhii.
Conditions in the trenches before the snow – Pastor Aleksei.

Joshua Searle