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Day 720 of this terrible war.

So, the terrible war and suffering continues – the despair, the heartbreak and the destruction. Across Ukraine, Russia continues to attack cities, towns and villages with drones and missiles. Homes, schools, hospitals, water systems and power plants are being targeted.  Friends of DHM are facing imminent call-up. The situation seems hopeless but ….we are thankful that there is always hope and there is always compassion.

Photo sent to DHM by Pastor Vasyl

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, DHM ministry partner, Pastor Vasyl, had a bakery installed at his church, using DHM funds. Since then, DHM donations have enabled him and the church to keep the bakery firing almost 24/7 to bake bread for starving people caught up in the fighting in the Donetsk Region.

Incredibly, Pastor Vasyl and his team have reached a significant milestone in the ministry: 35,000 loaves of bread delivered so far. The ministry continues and is possible only because of people who donate to DHM – we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Photo – thanks to Pastor Aleksei

Dnipro Hope Mission sends funds each month to Pastor Aleksei who makes regular deliveries of humanitarian aid to soldiers and civilians living on the front lines. He writes about the pain of the people: Now imagine that you are a person living in a village that is under fire on a regular basis, the world changed in one moment, many of your relatives left because they had the opportunity and were brave enough. Half the homes in the county are just wiped out. Many people are ready to die at any moment… These are not just words! Think about it! Just ready to die. Our job is to bring the  good news to people to give them the hope of eternal life after death, and a more peaceful life now. Aleksei asks us to pray that they will get through all this and survive and that God will comfort those who are grieving from losses.

This beautiful photograph has been sent to us by Pastor Alexander. A group from his church visited the care home and celebrated the Lord’s Supper with the residents. For Christians, this is the ‘bread of life’ but we all ‘hunger and thirst for justice.’ (Matt. 5.6) – for peace and for a just end to this terrible war.

Please pray for our partners who are delivering aid under incredibly difficult and dangerous conditions – close to the fighting on the ground and under constant bombardment. Pray for the long-suffering people of Ukraine and donate if you can so that we can continue sending life-saving funds to support front line communities and the most vulnerable.

Blog written by Melanie Gray, DHM Trustee

Joshua Searle