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Standing with Ukraine

As the war continues with no end in sight, many are feeling discouraged in Ukraine. Dnipro Hope Mission continues to make a difference by sending funds which are saving lives. In addition to financial support, your thoughts and prayers are especially important to our partners. They feel less alone knowing that many across the world ‘stand with Ukraine’ and share their grief. Here are some recent messages:

Pastor Aleksei sends thanks. “Thank you so much for your prayer support. It is always nice to know that someone is sincerely concerned, prays, and is standing with you. I very much want to see all of you, hug you, and rejoice with you, and praise God together for all that we have. The greatest need we have now is for victory, peace, and freedom. Next in importance is how we are going to get through the winter with [sufficient] light and heat. There is a great need for fuel for the generators and for people who heat with stoves. We are praying for opportunities to help people with heat and food during the winter. We understand that this winter will be extremely hard… As a chaplain, I receive information every day from the soldiers who ask daily for prayers for the guys who are wounded, seriously wounded, missing, and killed. Pray for us.”

Pastor Sasha writes “The Lord blesses us through your hands, your prayers, your kindness and dedication! During this difficult and dreadful time, when the faith and devotion of each of us is being tested, I do not have the right to ask you to pray for my own personal concerns, although I am sure you do pray for me, my family and ministry. I am deeply grateful! Every day I see those who are in much more difficult circumstances than I am: soldiers who haven’t seen their families for more than a year; the wounded; those who are crippled physically and psychologically; people who were in their homes yesterday, but whose houses are gone today; disabled people in need of outside help; children traumatized by shooting. Firstly, I ask for your prayers for them, although I am sure you are doing it anyway! I know that if it wasn’t for the prayers of believers, the horror would be greater! I ask for prayers for us Christians so that we would not grow weary or weaken in prayer. Pray for the Russians, that God in His mercy would open their eyes to what they are doing and grant them repentance. That is the first thing. I also ask for prayer for my wife Iryna. I see how worn out she is. Her immune system is affected. She gets ill quite often. She has many responsibilities as head of the district, wife of a pastor, mother, volunteer… Thank you. Thanks to everyone who does the difficult work of prayer. I love you! I embrace you!”

Pastor Sergei asks that we pray for peace (of course), and for his health and that of his family and for church members. Also, he needs a car.

Pastor Alexander is feeling very unwell after his latest surgery. We would be incredibly grateful if you could keep him and his family, all refugees in Sweden, in your prayers.
Written by Melanie Gray, DHM Trustee

Photographs: Army Chaplain Pastor Sasha delivering first aid kits and his wife Iryna, visiting Tsarivhanka Care Home. 

Joshua Searle