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Liliya Melkonyan
Administrative Co-ordinator (Eastern Ukraine)

Liliya grew up in Siberia during the time of the Soviet Union as the daughter of ethnic German migrants who settled in the Russian city of Novosibirsk. Growing up in an atheistic environment, Liliya came to faith as an adult and has been actively involved in ministry at her local church for more than twenty years. She currently works as a proprietor of a grocery shop. Liliya has a degree in Pedagogy and has worked as a teacher, librarian and editor. Liliya speaks a pristine form of literary Russian, which is reminiscent of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. Her immaculate spoken Russian has been an inspiration and example to the non-native Russian speakers on the DHM team. As our local Administrative Co-ordinator, Liliya, with a team of local volunteers, assists with the practicalities of our work in Ukraine, including bookkeeping and logistics, organising the procurement and distribution of essential aid and provisions to local care homes and orphanages, which DHM supports. She is thus a key link person between the teams in the UK and Ukraine.