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Jacquie Taylor
Community Organiser

Jacquie has worked as a PA/Secretary for a variety of companies including Imperial Cancer Research Fund and the Centre for Medicines Research. She has also worked in Christian Bookshops and a jewellers, where she loved working with the public and sharing her faith.

She met Steve in 1990, the year following the death of his eldest son in a car accident. This traumatic event started a journey searching for God and fiinding answers, resulting in her coming to faith in Christ as a result of encountering God’s word in a Gideon’s Bible. Steve became a Christian at her baptism and they married in 1995. Steve later went into ministry, as a Baptist Minister for Sunningdale Baptist Church and Wallington Baptist Church. Jacquie was privileged to support and help his ministry, including leading the Toddler Group for 15 years, helping the Sunday School team, and has a passion for supporting and encouraging mission work, outreach, and women’s bible study.

It was such a privilege and joy for Jacquie to join the DHM winter mission trip to Ukraine in 2019, staying with DHM family in the House of Hope and to be overwhelmed by the love and sacrificial humanitarian work and compassion of the ministry partners. She continues to have a heart for the Ukrainian people and the invaluable ministry of DHM.

As DHM’s Community Organiser, Jacquie helps us keep in touch with our supporters in the UK, helping to organise fundraising events and speaking to people about our ministry in Ukraine.