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Mariam Melkonyan
Social Media Intern (Ukrainian and Russian)

Born and raised in the Dnipro region of Eastern Ukraine, Mariam is now a student, studying Tourism and Modern Languages at Lviv University in Western Ukraine. Since her earliest childhood, she has been going to church in her local village in Eastern Ukraine, where she has been serving God in many ways. Before the pandemic and the Russian invasion, Mariam often helped out with visits of DHM teams, helping us to co-ordinate with our local partners in Ukraine. She is musically gifted and sings in the worship group of a Baptist Church in Lviv. A natural people-person, Mariam loves life and has a vibrant and sociable character. She speaks three languages fluently (Ukrainian, Russian and Armenian) and is currently learning German and English.

Despite the hardship that Ukraine is experiencing, she “tries to find the good in everything and not be too sad” (in her words).

Mariam helps us with Russian- and Ukrainian-language posts on DHM’s social media accounts.