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And the Greatest Gift is Love

Aid distributed by the Mennonite Brethren Church in Novomoskovsk (Sergei’s church). Photo by our partner, Pastor Aleksei

‘Lord, rescue me! Save me from my enemies, for you are just.

Turn your ear to listen and set me free.’ Psalm 71:2

The suffering of the Ukrainian people continues with no end in sight. The ones they love are no longer here; they have lost their homes and the lives they knew; they live with uncertainty knowing there may not be a good outcome. The Russians have launched a new offensive and are advancing into Ukraine – ‘with larger daily advances than at any other point in the war’ (the Guardian, May 15th, 2024). The Ukrainian military are fighting off attack after attack in Kharkiv region with a critical shortage of weapons. There are mass casualties and almost 6,000 people have been evacuated – many of these are people who fled from this region in the early days of the war and returned when Ukraine was able to push back Russian forces in September 2022.

Our partners continue to serve with great courage and confidence when everything seems bleak, and all are weary and sad. They are daily risking their lives because they love God, and they love their neighbour as themselves. We thank them that they inspire us by living as beautifully, as bravely, as kindly and as wisely as they can; with humility, integrity and perseverance, no matter how difficult and frightening the circumstances. Please pray for all those who, like our friends Sasha and Aleksei, travel regularly to the front lines to deliver aid. Please pray for their families too and all those who wait for loved ones to return.

Please pray especially for our partner, Pastor Vasili – the situation is very serious in Pokrovsk, and he sent us this message below one week ago. Please pray also for Pastor Sergei, in Novomoskovsk, his life is in real danger.

“Starting tomorrow, the next stage of evacuation will begin. This week, we plan to take people to Poltava, Vinnytsia, and Odesa tomorrow. Next week to Kremenchuk and more….The boys just returned from Volyn yesterday. They are suffering from fatigue. Please pray for strength of spirit and vigour of body.

Thank God people are LEAVING.

There is a lot of work. No one cancelled the need to supply water to the population – 34,000 litres of drinking water were delivered last week – there will be no less for this week.

Thanks to “DNIPRO HOPE MISSION,” for the fuel for the evacuation equipment.

Thank you, “FRIENDS OF UKRAINE” Saxony, for the repair of equipment.  It is important that everything works like a Swiss watch!



 Please pray for the war to end. Pray that no more lives would be lost, and that peace would be restored.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to DHM. Your generosity and partnership is saving lives in Ukraine. The costs of distributing humanitarian aid are huge – for fuel, repairs to vehicles and warehouse costs.  If you can, please consider donating and/or setting up a monthly gift – see the link above.

Written by Melanie Gray, DHM Trustee

Pictured below:

Pastor Sergei conducting a wedding. The bridegroom was returning to the front lines.

Pastor Vasili from Pokrovsk, pictured with Pastor Valeriy from western Ukraine.

Joshua Searle