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Mark Allchorn
Chair of Trustees

Mark came to faith in his mid-teens and has been a member of Baptist churches in Eastbourne and Kings Langley. After graduating from Cambridge University with a degree in History and Anthropology, Mark gained a Masters in Education Leadership and worked as a teacher and Head of History and Politics for over thirty years at Watford Boys Grammar School. In the last six years, Mark has lead four large secondary schools initially as a trouble-shooting Head and then as a Headteacher for two years at Barclay School, Stevenage. Mark has experience in bringing the best out of students, teachers, governors and parents to make a real difference in young peoples’ lives and the communities in which they serve.

Mark is married to Amanda, a former Head of Communications Baptist Union of Great Britain, and they have two grown up children and a growing number of grandchildren. In February 2016, Mark and Amanda participated in the first DHM mission trip to Ukraine. When they visited the Ukraine for the first time, Mark was very moved to have the opportunity to meet young people and visit schools. He has a passion for developing young (and not so young) people to fulfil their full potential in Christ.

Since retiring from school leadership in 2019, Mark has had more opportunities to pursue his interests in cycling and spending time in France and with the family. He is delighted to now have time to be able to serve the ministry of DHM (since 2019) as a valued member of our Board. Since 2022 Mark has been serving the charity as our Chair of Trustees.