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Margaret A. Murchison

A resident of Augusta, Georgia (USA), Margaret is passionate about sharing the gospel message of Christ’s compassion with people throughout the world. Together with her Baptist Pastor husband, Rev. Rodger Murchison, she has a remarkable ministry that spans several decades of faithful service. After graduating with a degree in Spanish, Margaret began her career as a Spanish teacher at a school in Pine Buff, Arkansas, before following God’s call to Argentina, where she served as a Missionary Journeyman with IMB for two years (1970–72).

Margaret has a Masters of Divinity from Southern Baptist Seminary in Kentucky, and has had an active ministry as a Bible study teacher at her local church, First Baptist Church in Augusta. Margaret and Rodger have led several teams on international missions and have served together in ministry at Antwerp International Church in Belgium and at The International Christian Fellowship Church in San Pedro Sula in Honduras.

As a veteran of the DHM mission trips to Ukraine in 2018 and 2020, Margaret’s compassion and her desire to reach people with the gospel through her care and empathy are an inspiration and example to many. She can be contacted at [email protected]