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Dennis Philip

Dennis is passionate about creating positive social impact in communities. With extensive international experience, he has worked on projects with both governments and civic society organisations to enhance financial literacy and economic well-being. Dennis has served as a trustee and advisor for several third-sector organizations, contributing to community projects such as microfinance initiatives, foodbanks, clothing banks, and support programmes for individuals recovering from addictions.

As a Professor of Finance at Durham University Business School, Dennis is passionate about researching pertinent topics of societal importance, with connectivity in both academia and practice. He also holds various professional roles, including serving as a scientific advisor to central banks, helping with the development of national strategies for financial literacy, financial education, and financial inclusion.

Dennis has lived in several countries, including India, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and the Netherlands, before moving to the UK over 20 years ago. He currently resides in Durham with his wife and two children.

Dennis can be contacted by email at [email protected]