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Carolyn Henry
Events Co-ordinator

Carolyn Henry is a committed member at Lee New Testament Church of God, who has served in several areas of ministry since being an early teen.  The cultivation of various gifts in youth leadership and singing, since her youth, has led her to minister at numerous events across the country. Such experiences also contribute towards the foundation of her present role as the National Youth FRONTLINE Choir Director. Carolyn’s gift of singing enables her to do backing vocals for renowned gospel artists, and affords her the privilege of leading worship in prisons on a monthly basis.  This love for the community was further stirred at an unforgettable mission trip to Ukraine, where she was part of a team of others leading people into worship in Russian!  Extending beyond the realms of music, Carolyn also loves to share the Word and has been blessed with various speaking engagements, which is enhanced by her current studies at Spurgeon’s College for a Masters in Theology.
Outside of ministry, Carolyn has over 9 years experience in event management, organising seminars, conferences and banquets. This experience has also proved to be an asset in ministry when coordinating church events, which is especially useful in her current position as a National Youth Board member in addition to being the Lee District Youth and Discipleship Director. Ultimately it is her aim to live a surrendered life and fulfil her God-given assignment, hoping that will inspire and encourage others to do the same. She can be contacted at [email protected]