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Adebola Igbokwe

Adebola Salem Igbokwe became a Christian while she was studying for an accountancy qualification at college. She is married to Sam, who is an accredited Baptist minister in the North West of England. Sam and Adebola have two children. She and Sam are involved in reverse mission and pioneer ministry in the city of Liverpool.

As a committed Christian, Adebola is passionate about giving people opportunities to experience and respond to God’s love through Jesus. She has a particular heart for orphans and she is keen to support DHM’s work in showing God’s love to orphans in Eastern Ukraine. Alongside her active involvement in ministry, Adebola has worked as an administrator, mathematics teacher and accountant in the third sector. She is currently training for another degree in Adult Nursing. Adebola is a highly skilled, passionate and caring personality, whose gifts add to the diversity of talents of the DHM Board of Trustees.

Adebola can be contacted at [email protected]