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Latest News from Pastor Alexander in Kyiv

One of DHM’s key mission partners in Ukraine, Pastor Alexander Demyanchenko from Transfiguration Baptist Church on the outskirts of Kyiv, has just sent us an update of a recent evangelistic event that he organised through the church.

Alexander writes: “These are some photos from our recent evangelism day for the disabled community in Kyiv. There were 278 people. About 30 people in wheelchairs had to be carried on the 3rd floor in their arms, because we do not have a ramp. But it is an honor to serve these people. We received 39 new contacts and invitations to visit people with disabilities in their home. Thank you for your prayers! God bless you!”

Each visitor received a goody bag filled with little treats and practical items

Unfortunately, there are very few public buildings in Ukraine with proper disabled access. Pastor Alexander’s volunteers had to carry people up the stairs of the church to the assembly hall. We’d love to buy the church a ramp if we can raise the funds…

Joshua Searle