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Helping those left behind on the front lines.

As the tragedy in Israel and Gaza unfolds it is easy for the world to forget Ukraine, but the situation there remains desperate, and the Ukrainians need all the help they can get to resist the Russian invasion and survive each difficult day. There are many cities and villages on the frontline territories of Zaporizhzhia, Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk regions which have been completely destroyed.
Please don’t get weary of helping. There are thousands of people who still live on the front lines and every day they search for food in the ruins under heaps, without any understanding of when it will end and when life will come again as it was before the arrival of Russian evil to Ukrainian cities and villages.
Our partner Aleksei reports:
‘Despite great difficulties with the fact that humanitarian supplies and capabilities are significantly diminishing and support from all sides is getting smaller and smaller, we continue to do good. We are on the road every week to be where the need is …the need for humanitarian assistance, the need for spiritual support, the need for encouragement, inspiration, guidance, prayers.
The front is not just about supporting soldiers who risk their lives every day and stand in the gap for our country. The front is also thousands of people hiding in basements from gunfire, starving due to no work in the agricultural section and surviving as they can. As a team, we bring food, clothing and various assistance to the places where people’s pain and need are the greatest.
We would like to thank everyone who is participating in this!! Continue to pray for us and our country. For everything we can do together with you!’

Our video shows two of DHM’s closest ministry partners serving together, putting their lives at risk to serve people on the frontline. We pay tribute to their faith and courage and thank God for their remarkable ministry!
Please keep army chaplains, Pastors Aleksei and Sasha (Alex) and our other partners in your prayers. As they minister, they are often under fire.
Please donate if you can, so that this life-saving work can continue – please follow the link above to our donations page.
Written by Melanie Gray, DHM Trustee

Joshua Searle