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DHM’s Youngest Supporters

Regular readers will remember that earlier this year, we wrote about, Vivienne, a young girl from Georgia, USA, who saved up her pocket money for a couple of months before Christmas by doing little jobs for her mum. She donated her money to DHM through her friend, Margaret, who joined the DHM mission team that went to Ukraine in January. You can read about Vivienne’s story here.
Now we’re just received another donation from another young supporter, who is around the same age as Vivienne. Alice, from Oxford UK, managed to raise over £20 for DHM by having a cake sale at her mum’s workplace.
Alice writes, “I wanted to do something to raise money for Dnipro Hope Mission. I wanted to support the people in Ukraine because it must have been hard to get what they need because of COVID-19. Lockdown wasn’t too bad for me but I can imagine it would be very difficult for people who don’t have families to help and money to buy what they need to keep safe and healthy. Fundraising is hard at the moment, but I found a way of making money by baking for friends who made donations. I hope the money will help people. Love Alice xx.”
We’ll put Alice’s kind donation towards buying essential supplies for needy children in poverty-stricken regions of Eastern Ukraine this winter. Thanks to Alice and to all – old and young, big and small, rich and poor! – who support our life-saving work in Ukraine.
Alice with the money raised and the poster advertising the cakes

Joshua Searle