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Children bless each other across continents through the ministry of DHM

“Let the little children come to me, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these”
DHM volunteer, Margaret Muchison, wrote about her little friend in Georgia, who recently made a very generous donation to DHM…
This precious little girl, Vivienne, from Georgia, USA, saved her money for a couple of months before Christmas doing little jobs for her mum. Vivienne said she wanted to do something with it to help children.
At Christmas her grandmother mentioned the mission trip that her good friend, Margaret, would be going on to Ukraine with Dnipro Hope Mission to visit needy children. Vivienne said., “I want to give the money I’ve raised to Ms. Margaret then to help the children.”  Her grandmother matched her gift and the children’s homes in Poltava were the excited recipients of fruit and goodies, which Vivienne’s donation helped to purchase!
We’re so grateful to Vivienne for her amazing generosity and her compassion for poor children in Eastern Ukraine.
Here’s a picture of Margaret (front left) and husband, Rodger, on mission in Ukraine last month, with the children at the orphanage…

Joshua Searle