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DHM Purchases a New Mobility Aid for the Disabled Ministry in Kyiv

Thanks to the amazing fundraising efforts of Alice (see this previous post), DHM has been able to buy an elevator to assist our ministry team in Kyiv to serve the disabled community at our partner church in Kyiv.

Pastor Alexander in Kyiv reported that, “Getting a person with a disability out of a wheelchair and moving them to a bath or toilet is always dangerous for them and very difficult for those who help them. This elevator will give us the opportunity to help mothers bathe their children safely in the bathroom and transfer them from their beds to the chair. The equipment will also help us to lower the disabled people into the pool when we baptise them during our services and summer camps. Now with this equipment, our team will be able to serve more people at home so that we can help, and during this time we can remind these people that God loves them.”

Many of us might take for granted the privilege that we have to do simple tasks, such as using a toilet or taking a shower, without difficulty. But I think we have a moral and spiritual duty to care for those who need help. I think we should do what we can to ensure that all people, regardless of disability, should be able to do these basic activities safely and that they should always be treated with dignity and respect. We’re so glad that this new equipment will help our partners in Kyiv to offer this kind of dignified care.

Huge thanks to Alice and to all our amazing supporters who help us to show God’s love to people who need it most.

DHM Chair of Trustees, Joshua, with Alice

Joshua Searle