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Catching up with Pastor Alexander in Kyiv

We were delighted this week to meet our friend, Pastor Alexander Demyanchenko, at Boryspol International Airport on the outskirts of Kyiv. DHM trustees, Joshua and Varduyi Searle, were in the Dnipro Region of Eastern Ukraine last week, where the temperature dropped down to -15°C (including the wind-chill factor). It won’t be long now before the river Dnipro starts to freeze over!

On their way back to London, Joshua and Varduyi met Pastor Alexander and his wife Yulia and their two young daughters at the airport and had a good discussion about plans for DHM’s upcoming mission trip to Ukraine. We were also glad to catch up with Pastor Alexander’s assistant, who (quite confusingly) is also called “Pastor Alexander”! : )

Joshua and Varduyi with Alexander and his family at Kyiv Airport on Thursday 22 November 2019

We’ve already arranged to bring a group of 11 volunteers from Ukraine, joined by DHM team leader for the Dnipro Region, Andrei Platovskiy. We will have an opportunity to participate in Pastor Alexander’s amazing ministry to the disabled community in Kyiv.

If you haven’t yet seen the video of Alexander baptising three disabled people from his church, it’s definitely worth a watch:

It’s an amazing privilege to see what God is doing in Ukraine through the ministry of faithful servants of the gospel – people like Alexander and his wonderful team and we’re really looking forward to seeing our friends again when we travel to Kyiv at the end of January.

God bless you and thanks for your support!

The DHM Team


PS: Here is Darinka last week standing on the pane of a window overlooking the beautiful Dnipro river in the town of Dnipro, Eastern Ukraine!




Joshua Searle