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Update on Pastor Serhii’s Ministry to Refugees

DHM supports our local partner, Serhii Zaharchuk, and his team at Salvation Baptist Church in Poltava. Since the Russian invasion, Serhii’s church has provided shelter and hospitality for thousands of refugees, who have fled cities such as Mariupol, Kharkiv, Severodonetsk and Sumy, which have been devastated by Russian bombs. Serhii recently sent this update…

In addition to daily fellowship groups, refugees get accommodation in our church on the regular basis. We let people stay over for one or two days. In some cases, people stay a little longer. But even with this conditions, we have about 20 people staying overnight every day. We also cook meals for them.

Refugees receiving supplies from Salvation Baptist Church in Poltava

Today we held 25 meetings. There were more than 250 adults and 50 kids! When we gave food kits, people thanked us a lot and our hearts were filled with joy for them. One of the families told us: “During this month we haven’t got help anywhere, except for your church!”

Another family said :”We stood in line at another place for a long time, a couple of hours or even half a day! In the Salvation church we received support during the fellowship at the table, and we got a food kit in a few minutes after that including hygiene supplies and medicines! There’s no place where people care for others more than here!”

We understand that they are exaggerating when they are saying things like this but we are happy that we as a church can help them!
We thank all of you, that together with us you are taking care of refugees!

The supply bags in this picture, given to refugees, were paid for by donations to DHM

Please continue to donate to DHM, so that we can continue to support this great work of Pastor Serhii and his team. Since DHM is an organisation comprised of volunteers and local ministry partners and we don’t have any paid staff, 100% of your donations go directly to the frontline in Ukraine.

Joshua Searle