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UK Churches Support the Ministry of DHM in Eastern Ukraine

We want to express our thanks to all the churches in the UK that supported our recent mission trip to Ukraine. There are five churches in particular that deserve special mention.

These were:

  • Reigate Baptist Church
  • Epsom Baptist Church
  • Stoneleigh Baptist Church
  • Surbiton New Life Church
  • Horley Baptist Church
Stoneleigh Baptist Church arranged a collection of clothes, which the DHM team took with them to Ukraine and gave to children in an orphanage in Poltava

Thanks to the support we received, the DHM team was able to ship several suitcases, full of essential winter clothes, to people in Ukraine who urgently needed these clothes to keep warm in the freezing conditions of the Ukrainian winter.

Members of the DHM team bring supplies provided by Stoneleigh and Reigate Baptist Churches to an orphanage near Poltava

We were also able to buy 11 electronic tablets to give to members of Pastor Alexander’s disabled church in Kyiv, who are unable to leave their homes due to their disabilities. We were able to connect their devices to the Internet, so that these people now have some contact with the outside world, including the church services, which our disabled friends can now view through their Amazon Kindle Fire devices that DHM bought for them.

Rodger and Margaret, here are presenting Ivan with a Kindle device, provided by DHM, which will enable Ivan and his Mum to livestream in to the church services and to listen to music and the audio Bible in Ukrainian.

The churches responded with Christ-like generosity to our appeal. Some churches offered to pay for the Kindles; others offered to cover the costs of delivery to Ukraine; and others provided clothing – most of it was very good quality, and many items that we received were brand new.

It’s a sign of God’s Kingdom coming when we see Christians in the UK showing solidarity with God’s suffering people in Ukraine.

The Sunday before the DHM team left for Ukraine, Surbiton New Life Church Pastor, Rev. Richard Asante (left), invited members of the DHM team to lead the church service and to pray for Ukraine

We’re really grateful for all the churches that partner with us in helping to make the Kingdom of God a visible reality in Ukraine.

Thank you and God bless you!

Joshua Searle