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Please Pray for Anatoliy

We heard today from our mission partners in Ukraine that one of the residents at the Tsarichanka disabled care home has become seriously ill. 36-year old Anatoliy suffered a severe stroke and is now in hospital fighting for his life. Many of the UK-based trustees know Anatoliy from our previous visits to the care home over recent years.

Unfortunately, Anatoliy has already suffered severe brain damage, but doctors say there is a chance that he will recover, if given the proper care and medical treatment. DHM has provided funding to our local church contact in order to cover the costs of Anatoliy’s critical care.

We pray for Anatoliy’s recovery. If he does recover, he is likely to need longer-term support and medication. If you would like to make a donation towards Anatoliy’s treatment, please consider making a donation to DHM, so that we can continue to support him. We have a dedicated donation page on Paypal, where you can idicate that you would like the donation to go towards Anatoliy’s treatment: https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=A892KNLLF863N

If we have any donations left after covering the costs of Anatoliy’s treatment, we will give the funds to the local church, led by Pastor Alexander Tsarevskiy, who regularly visits the care home to offer pastoral care and medical aid to the residents, including Anatoliy.

Joshua Searle