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DHM Team Visits a Disabled Home in Eastern Ukraine

Pastor Sasha Boyko today led a group of young people from Vasylkivka Baptist Church to visit a care home for disabled people. They took to the nearby church those from the home who were well enough to travel. And when they had finished at the church, they went straight to the disabled home and conducted another service for the other residents in the care home who weren’t well enough to make the excursion.

Pastor Sasha brought a word of hope and encouragement to people in desperate situations. The DHM team also brought supplies of fresh fruit and supplies of basic medicines for the residents of the care home. All of these provisions were supplied by DHM.

Thanks for all your support. It really does make a massive difference to the lives of many precious people.

Here’s a video with some of the highlights from the DHM team’s visit to the care home…

Joshua Searle