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DHM Team Visits a Care Home in Dnipro

This weekend, Ukraine has been celebrating Easter. For Christians, Easter is is a celebration of the hope and new life that Jesus brought into the world when He defeated death and rose again to life. As Jesus brought hope to the world, He now calls His people to live in the light of the new dawn of hope in the resurrection. This means that we are called to bring life, hope and light into places in the world where there is death, despair and darkness.
One of the ways that we share Jesus’ life and hope with people is to show compassion to people in distress, who are suffering in body, mind or spirit. This is what DHM is all about.

In order to demonstrate God’s love for needy people, a DHM team from Vasylkivka Baptist Church recently visited a care home for disabled and elderly people in the town of Tsarichanka in the Dnipro region of Eastern Ukraine. The team brought essential supplies of medicines and sanitary products, as well as PPE to help the residents and staff to minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19. The DHM team also brought along some treats, such as fresh fruits and chocolates.

This was all made possible by the generosity of our supporters in the UK, who enabled DHM to purchase these items for each of the 155 residents of the care home. We’re grateful for your support.

Happy Easter! Christ is Risen! Христос Воскрес!

Joshua Searle