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DHM Summer Camp Trip 2017, 11–12 July

We’ve just arrived back from an exhilarating week at the Dnipro Hope Mission children’s summer camp in Ukraine. It’s been quite a remarkable week and we are returning from Ukraine with so many memories.

After flying from Heathrow to Kyiv on 11 July, we spent the evening on the central square in the Ukrainian capital. The following day we visited the spectacular Monastery of the Caves in Kyiv, followed by a walk through the grounds of the Ukrainian Parliament. In the evening, we went to the central station in Kyiv, where we took an overnight train to the city of Dnipro in Eastern Ukraine.

It was a long, tiring but rewarding couple of days. The group were in good spirits, energised and excited despite all the travelling and the culture shock of experiencing such unfamilar surroundings. We knew it was going to be a long and demanding week, but we all knew that this was an incredible opportunity to be blessed and to be a blessing for so many of the children in the summer camp.

We were all excited about the days ahead…

At Heathrow Airport
The DHM Team in Central Kyiv
At the Monastery of the Caves

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