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DHM Summer Camp, 13 July

Consultation between the UK and Ukraine Leaders of the Camp

We arrived into Dnipro on the overnight train from Kyiv and after a quick breakfast in the waiting lounge at Dnipro Central Station, we boarded the eastbound train to Vasylkivka, the venue of the summer camp.

Arriving in the town after a fascinating journey on an old Soviet-style “elektrichka” train, we were given an incredibly warm welcome by our hosts from Vasylkivka Baptist Church.

We quickly set up the tents and spent some time getting to know our Ukrainian counterparts with whom we were going to organise the summer camp. After the final preparations had been made in the evening, we shared in a time of prayer and worship and a delicious meal, lovingly prepared by our wonderful hosts, Sonya, Liliya and Masha.

We went to bed feeling exhausted but exhilarated about the start of the summer camp, which had been so long in preparation and was now so imminent.

Liliya and Sonya helping Joshua and the group to put up the tents

…and with my other sister-in-law, Karine, and my niece, Darinka

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