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DHM Partners Organise a Summer Camp in Kyiv for Disabled Young People

Our partners at the Church of the Transfiguration, a Baptist church in Kyiv, recently organised their annual camp for people with disabilities. This camp is conducted for disabled children and adolescents and is held in Voronkiv village, just south of Kyiv, for a month in summer. DHM recently sent a delivery of disability equipment, which was given to the disabled people at this camp. Our mission partner, Alexander, who is one of the leaders of this Church and who helps to run the camps, sent us the following report:

“This camp is a wonderful gift for these people and their parents every year. They look forward to the opportunity of spending time among God’s people in the beautiful surroundings of the Ukrainian countryside. They enjoy living in comfortable premises and they receive the continuous care of leaders and volunteers from members of the Church of the Transfiguration. Obviously, such conditions contrast with their ordinary days. Many people with disabilities live at uncomfortable flats provided by indifferent authorities. Very often they are stuck due to the absence of lifts. Therefore, the accessibility, respect and care that they receive from the Church are gratefully received.

Interesting programme and careful involvement in this year are rewarded by the smiles and cries of joy of these precious people, which we experienced during this year’s camp.

The most precious result is the fact that these people listened to the gospel continuously and they were filled by the Word of God. Great joy has been achieved as a result of the camp: three persons have given baptismal vows to Jesus. Praise to God!”

Here are a few more photos from the camp..

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