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Delivering ex-NHS Equipment for Disabled People in Ukraine

Thanks to the generosity of our friends, family and various anonymous donors, we were able to send a dozen zimmer frames and a dozen sets of crutches to a disabled home in the Dnipro Region ahead of our trip later this month.

This equipment will make a huge difference to the people in the disabled home. Last time when we visited the home in February 2017, we saw residents trying to walk on warn-out sticks of rotting wood and moving around on improvised devices made from the damaged wheels of rusty supermarket shopping trolleys.

It is a blessing to be able to provide these people with purpose-built, aluminium walking aids. This equipment was donated by the NHS and was given to DHM through our contacts at the Romanian Aid Foundation at Horley Baptist Church.

We spent a pleasant evening disassembling the zimmer frames, getting them ready for delivery to Ukraine, making them as compact as possible in order to save on transport costs. We will reassemble them when we arrive in Ukraine in a few weeks time.

Thankfully, when the time came came to send them off, our prayers were answered and we were able to obtain a discount on the delivery costs and we covered all the costs with the £110 donation that we received for our ‘Humanitarian Aid Appeal’. Thanks to everyone who donated generously to this appeal.

This is an ongoing appeal with a target of £1000, so please feel free to continue to support this fund, so that we can continue to send this equipment to the people in the disabled home who really need it.

The dozen sets of zimmer frames and crutches that we sent was hopefully just the start. There are 163 residents in the disabled home, so 12 zimmer frames won’t be enough in the longer term. Many of the residents are bed-bound and/or paralysed, so they have different needs. We will visit these people when we (I and group from the UK) go on our mission trip later this month.

For these people we are currently raising funds for medicines, nappies, hearing aids and other essential supplies to help improve their quality of life. We’re also looking forward to spending time with them, playing board games, singing, and putting on a music and drama concert for the residents.

Thanks for your support for the work of DHM!

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