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After the floods comes the rain….

These are the appalling conditions in Kherson where Dnipro Hope Mission’s partner, Aleksei, was helping those in need after their homes were flooded by the bombing of the Kakhovka dam.

Aleksei says ‘Despite the heavy downpour, we continue to do good and help people! People have nothing left. Near every courtyard, you can only see a huge pile of things, furniture, appliances – all are taken to the trash. The walls of the houses floated away, as they were built mostly of clay. Houses which were completely under water are still soaking wet one month later’.

Thanks to your generous response to our flood emergency appeal, Dnipro Hope Mission has been able to provide funds which have enabled Aleksei and his team to buy household appliances and minimal furniture for people.

Under constant shelling and with drones flying overhead, Aleksei and his team continue to help people in Kherson region. Please pray for this amazing work – the attacks by Russian drones are deliberate and are targeting those who have come to help. Aleksei describes the incident (Google translation): ‘Yesterday, I and my team had two miracles in a row. A drone saw us, made three laps and then went to attack us. We worked in the house and eliminated the effects of the flight. It hit one of our cars but with a wing not the nose and it didn’t explode. Police later said it was filled with explosives. We continued to work. Another drone flew in 5 minutes. Fell next to the car and exploded. Everybody’s alive. Couple scratches on the car. Didn’t detonate once, missed the second. We prayed before work – but not even about it. And about the Lord, who is wonderful!!’

Joshua Searle