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Challenging. Many asked me about my experiences on the 2017 mission trip and that is the best response that I can give. One experience that stands out especially was our visit an abandoned adults home, where we were able to converse with some of the most disadvantaged and forgotten about people in Ukraine. Fortunately, due to the donations from many of our friends, colleagues and family members we were able to provide the home with medicine and other aid. Despite the very real poverty that the people lived in, there was a very real yet incredible sense of hope for the future and thankfulness in many of those that I met. This thankfulness was not only to God but also for what they had, even if it did seem inadequate in contrast to British standards. I thank God for our Ukrainian brothers and sisters who never cease to amaze me; in the face of inequality, corruption, and the human cost of war they continue to be hopeful, resilient, faithful and joyous. This one week mission trip has deeply challenged the way in which I lead my life, and will continue to do so for as long as I live.