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Reg Fowler

Reg is our Treasurer. He is a lawyer by training and a Christian by conviction. Back in the 1990s, he was Treasurer for the Anglican Christchurch and worked with a multi-faith group in East London to challenge the spread of racist and extremist politics. Moving out of London, he became Treasurer of St Peter’s Church and Trustee of the Social Care Unit at St Martin-in-the-Fields in Central London.

In 2008, he moved to the Netherlands and then more recently Kazakhstan, improving his Russian and making lots of friends in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. He left Kazakhstan in 2020 in the hope of semi retirement but the war in Ukraine has called him back. Many Russian and Kazakh friends and colleagues, devastated by the events in Ukraine, but prevented from acting themselves, have asked Reg to take action in their name to protect and preserve innocent lives and he feels compelled to respond.

Back in March, Reg founded “Mosty-Movy“, an online community of Russian and Ukrainian speakers living in the UK that work together to provide language support to Ukrainian refugees and their UK hosts. Mosty-Movy translates and interprets for schools, local government and the NHS when official translation services are overrun with demand.

Reg is married to Julia and together they care for her father at home. Their daughter, Anna, works for the NHS in Nottingham.

Reg is inspired by his maternal grandfather, Thomas, whose quiet Christianity led Tom to take groups of schoolboys to Berlin in the 1930s on exchange trips, to grow and maintain peaceful friendships between individuals, in the face of politically motivated hatred. Those relationships outlasted the war that followed.