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Merry Christmas! Христос народився!

Merry Christmas! Христос народився!

It’s Christmas today (7th January) in Ukraine.

To mark the Christmas season, DHM has organised the delivery of Christmas gifts to hundreds of recipients in care homes and orphanages throughout the Dnipro region. We’re grateful to the support of our generous donors who enabled us to send these gifts as a blessing to so many forgotten people, who don’t usually receive any gifts at Christmas.

Here’s a short video of the recent visits of the DHM volunteers to the local care homes and orphanages (stay tuned to hear the Christmas greetings from Darinka at the end!):

It was a blessing to the DHM volunteers in Eastern Ukraine to be able to give these gifts and to show these people that God hasn’t forgotten about them, even in these dark and uncertain times.

Please allow us to continue to be a blessing to Ukraine’s forgotten people by making a donation to DHM, using our unique PayPal page: https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=A892KNLLF863N

Stay safe and well.

The DHM Team

Joshua Searle