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Shereen Findlater

Shereen is married to Rev. Jonathan Findlater and together they have four children. Shereen currently supports her husband’s work at Brighton Road Baptist Church in South London. In her ministry at Brighton Road, she provides pastoral care, organises events, raises money for church projects, manages administration, and leads Sunday school and family services.

After coming to faith in Christ as a teenager, Shereen was baptised at 18 and started to get more involved in Christian ministry. In 2022 she was employed by her church to join a Christian school’s team (The Jam Team), where she visited schools in South London, teaching the Bible in a fun and practical way. After three years of working in the team, Shereen was appointed Team Leader and continued in that role for nine years. During that time, she also trained to become a qualified counsellor. Her heart was burdened with the call to help people with poor mental health. Shereen completed her training in 2010 and continued to volunteer as a counsellor until 2014. Thereafter, she supported her husband in his ministry.

In 2016 she took on a new venture by becoming the founder and organiser of an annual women’s conference called, “All that I Am”, where women are encouraged and shown God’s love. Shereen is an enthusiastic and dedicated Christian who is willing to take on a challenge if it means it will enhance God’s Kingdom and give people hope. As a trustee of DHM Shereen is able to extend her ministry to people in Ukraine. DHM is blessed by the diversity of talents that Shereen brings to the role of Trustee and by her desire to use her skills and expertise to benefit the people of Ukraine.