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Varduyi Searle
Varduyi Searle works as a member of the Finance Team for a company that provides financial services for charities. Her previous roles include working at Spurgeon’s College, a theological higher education institute in London. Born in Armenia and following an earthquake, she moved as an infant with her family as a refugee to Eastern Ukraine, where she grew up. In Ukraine she served as a Youth Leader in her local Baptist church. She graduated with a diploma in Social Work at the International Academy of Personnel Management in Kyiv. She later studied Theology and English in Prague. Before moving to the UK in 2013, she worked as a missionary in Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine. Fluent in Armenian, Ukrainian, Russian (and of course, English) Varduyi also plays the piano, has been a member of church choirs and is a keen cook. She can be contacted at varduyi@dniprohopemission.org