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Reflections on our recent trip to Ukraine

The DHM team from the UK arrive into Kyiv Boryspol Airport on 23rd January 2018

Our recent trip to Ukraine was an amazing experience of blessing and being blessed. We are returning to the UK with so many happy, painful and poignant memories of our encounters with so many people in desperate situations of need in some of the poorest regions of Europe.

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Thank you to our faithful supporters

We are very grateful to faithful friends at Horley Baptist Church for their generous support of our work in Ukraine. Yesterday, I gave a brief presentation, showing a few photos of our ministry to a disabled home in Eastern Ukraine. The church responded by donating over £700 (mostly in small, individual donations) to support the work of DHM in caring for the residents.

DHM volunteers with members of Horley Baptist Church on 14/1/2018

When I spoke at Horley on Sunday, I was keen to stress the point that we do not view the residents in the disabled home as "objects of our charity." Instead, we think of these people as our friends, and we consider it a privilege and a blessing to help them in whatever way we can.

This is why when we visit the disabled home in Ukraine, we will not just leave our gifts at the door and shake a few hands. Rather, we'll spend quality time with the disabled and elderly people in the home - hearing their stories and playing board games (our favourites are snakes & ladders, draughts, and dominos!) with them. The advantage of visiting the same place year after year is that we recognise each other and we know each other by name.

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An Audience with the Head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church

It was an honour to meet the Head of the Catholic Church in Ukraine, His Beatitude Archbishop Major Sviatoslav Shevchuk, at a recent event at the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House, London. 

The Archbishop gave a presentation entitled, 'The Mission of the Church in Ukraine Today'. He addressed three main issues:

(1) The democratic choice taken by the majority of Ukrainians to integrate with the rest of Europe in order to embrace European values of freedom, diversity, solidarity, respect and tolerance;

(2) The role of the churches in helping Ukrainian society transition from the stagnation and corruption of post-Soviet society towards an open future as an integrated member of the European cultural space;

(3) The specific role of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in its mission to serve Ukrainian society.

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Delivering ex-NHS Equipment for Disabled People in Ukraine

Thanks to the generosity of our friends, family and various anonymous donors, we were able to send a dozen zimmer frames and a dozen sets of crutches to a disabled home in the Dnipro Region ahead of our trip later this month.

This equipment will make a huge difference to the people in the disabled home. Last time when we visited the home in February 2017, we saw residents trying to walk on warn-out sticks of rotting wood and moving around on improvised devices made from the damaged wheels of rusty supermarket shopping trolleys.

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Videos from the Summer Camp

Each of these Youtube videos will give you an insight into some of the summer camp activities:

The First Session

Fun and Games

Excerpt from an English Lesson

Organising into Groups

Karine's Announcement


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