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Surbiton New Life Baptist Church Welcomes DHM

It was a blessing for DHM to have received such a warm welcome from Surbiton New Life Baptist Church in West London last Sunday. We were welcomed by Rev. Richard Asante, who graduated last year from Spurgeon's College and is now the minister at Surbiton.

Richard and Joshua at SNLBC

It was very encouraging to receive such a warm response from the congregation when we spoke about the tragic situation in Ukraine. We spoke about DHM's links with the disabled home in Tsarichanka, where people are living in unimaginably terrible conditions.

There was also a quiz, which tested the congregation's knowledge about Ukraine. It was impressive that they got almost all the questions right!

It's now just about two weeks before the mission team assembles at Spurgeon's College for half and day of induction and basic training in preparation for the mission trip. Then we'll be flying to Ukraine to see what God is doing among His people in Ukraine and to get alongside people in friendship and solidarity.


As we prepare for our trip, we continue to solicit support for the projects that we will visit, such as the aforementioned disabled home, as well as homeless kitchens, orphanages and a care home for disabled children.

You can support the work of DHM either with a one off donation or by setting up a standing order.

All the details can be found on our website ā€“ just click on the donations tab at the top of the page.

Thanks for your support.




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DHM Now Has a Minibus in Ukraine!

Alexander Boyko (L) with members of the local Ukrainian DHM team with the new minibus


Our prayers have been answered! Earlier this week, our main contact in Ukraine, Rev. Alexander Boyko, returned to the Dnipro region in a minibus that he collected from Western Ukraine. It's a Renault Trafic (2011) and it's still going well notwithstanding its 230,000km on the clock!

The purchase of the minibus was made possible only by the amazing generosity of our friends and supporters in the UK, especially Epsom Baptist Church.

The minibus will be used as a tool for ministry in the Dnipro Region. Pastor Alexander and his team at Vasylkivka Baptist Church will be able to bring supplies (purchased by DHM) to places where they are most needed, such as local orphanages and disabled homes. There will even be an opportunity for some of those in the disabled home to go out on excursions. This is significant because no provision is made for this at present in the state-run carehomes and many of the residents have been trapped inside old, damp, crumbling and unhygenic buildings for decades.

With the minibus Pastor Alexander will be able to take these people out to visit local parks or even to see the coast, which is about a two hour's drive away.

For those who are unable to leave the carehomes, Alexander can bring a team of people from the church to pray for and encourage the sick and bedbound residents of local carehomes.

The minibus will be a blessing for many and we pray that it will be used to bring moments of joy to people whose lives are blighted by suffering and pain.

In order to keep the minibus on the road, we rely on the generosity of our supporters in the UK and elsewhere throughout the world. If you are able to make a donation (either one-off or regular payment), please follow this link to the donations page:

Thanks for your support. God bless you.

The DHM Trustees (Joshua, Deji, Afi, and Varduyi)


Carolyn, a DHM volunteer, with Valentina, a resident of the care home for the disabled in Tsarichanka  Pastor Alexander Boyko with Yuri from Tsarichanka Care Home DHM trustee, Deji, stands next to an old minibus/van in Zaporizhe in Eastern Ukraine. Thankfully, we were able to buy a much more comfortable machine than this!
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Christmas in the Magical Land of Ukraine

Eastern Orthodox countries like Ukraine celebrate Christmas not on 25th December like Western (Protestand and Catholic) countries, but on 7th January. What better way then to get away from all the Christmas chaos in the UK than to escape to Ukraine for a week at the end of December?

This is exactly what we did. We spent a blissful week in the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv. My visits to Kyiv have tended to be quite fleeting as I tend to use it as a launchpad for travel to the Dnipro region in Eastern Ukraine, which is where the ministry of DHM is based.

However, this time I had an opportunity to see a new side to Kyiv, avoiding the customary tourist traps and seeing into the bowels of this remarkable city.

Joshua in front of one of the exhibitions of the War Museum underneath the Motherland Statue in the Pechersky District in Kyiv. This scene depicts the storming of the German Reichstag at the end of WW2. The museum also includes an impressive exhibition of the war that Russia has been waging against Ukraine (and continues to wage to this day) since 2014


Kyiv may not strike the average Brit or American as an obvious holiday destination, but it really is a wonderful city with cultural and historical treasures that reveal themselves to the patient and discerning eye. I was absolutely fascinated and horrified to learn more of the details of what happened at Chernobyl when we visited a museum that is dedicated to the nuclear disaster.

At the Chernobyl Museum in the Podil District of Kyiv

Kyiv is a paradise for booklovers like me. I spent many happy hours in secondhand bookshops and book markets, buying a small library-worth of original books, such as volumes by Dostoevsky and Turgenev, as well as Charles Dickens in pristine Russian translation. I even found an old copy of Machiavelli's The Prince in Russian.

As well as relaxing and enjoying the sights of Kyiv, there was also an opportunity to make some final arrangements in preparation for the upcoming DHM trip to Ukraine in February, which will include a couple of days in Kyiv. It was great to renew contact with our key people in Ukraine, who are busy preparing for the arrival of the group from the UK.

All the train tickets have been bought and things are falling into place nicely. If you are inclined to pray, we would appreciate your prayers as we make the final arrangements for the trip.

I've only been back in London for a few days and already I'm missing Kyiv. I can't wait to get back soon. Roll on February 2019!

Enjoying a white Christmas in Kyiv!
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Longfleet Baptist Church Welcomes DHM

Just before Christmas, a team from DHM was invited to speak at Longfleet Baptist Church in the beautiful seaside town of Poole on the south coast of England. Joshua and Varduyi were welcomed by the minister, Rev. Suzie Roberts, who graduated just last year from Spurgeon's College with First Class Honours. Suzie will serve as the group chaplain during the DHM mission trip to Ukraine between 1st and 8th February 2019.

A fluent Scottish  Gaelic speaker, Suzie used to work as a journalist for the BBC's Gaelic service before receiving a call to train for ministry. She's not been on a mission trip before, so she's excited about what awaits her in Ukraine. Having spent much of her life in the Highlands and Islands of Northern Scotland, she should be more accustomed to the freezing temperatures than most of the other members of the DHM mission team this year!

When we asked her about how she was feeling about the upcoming trip, Suzie replied:

"There are just a few weeks to go until we head over to Ukraine now and it's all getting very real, now that the busyness of Christmas is behind us! I'm a little nervous but excited excited to see what God's doing in Ukraine and how we can join in. I'm also feeling honoured to have been asked to take the role of chaplain for the trip and would really value your prayers as I prepare for that."


(Lā€”R: Varduyi, Joshua and Suzie)


During the service at Longfleet, Joshua preached from Scripture (Matthew 25: 31-40) on the topic of compassion and sharing God's love with the world at the time of Advent when we celebrate the coming of God's Son, Jesus Christ, to the world.

Varduyi also led the congregation in a presentation all about Ukraine, which included a quiz which tested the congregation's knowledge of Ukraine.


As a charity we're so grateful for the support we receive from churches in the UK. It is a sign of the kingdom of God in action when Christians from diverse cultures and languages show solidarity with each other and recognise that, despite their differences, they are all brothers and sisters in Christ. 

You can sponsor Suzie and the other volunteers on the trip by clicking through to our Paypal donations page:


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DHM is Blessed by a Visit to New Addington Baptist Church

This Sunday New Addington Baptist Church invited the Chairman of the DHM Trustees, Joshua Searle, to preach in their Sunday service and to give a presentation on some of the projects that DHM is supporting in Ukraine.

It was a blessing to share with this wonderful church and to speak about what God is doing in the Dnipro region. The church was interested in exploring opportunities to partner with the churches that we work with in Eastern Ukraine.

The congregation received us warmly and it was a privilege to have spent our Sunday morning with these faithful servants of God.

DHM Treasurer, Varduyi Searle, with members of New Addington Baptist Church

In the afternoon, we took the opportunity to visit a good friend, Abiola, on the New Addington estate in South London. Originally from Nigeria, she is a graduate of Spurgeon's College and is now active in ministry at Trinity Baptist Church in West Norwood. She is also a long-term supporter of our ministry. Abbi treated us to an amazing meal of delicious Nigerian jollof rice!


I don't know why it is, but DHM has been so blessed particularly by Nigerian Christians in the UK. I can only explain it as a sign of God's grace. To see such solidarity among Nigerian brothers and sisters for suffering people in Ukraine is an immeasurable encouragement to DHM for which we give thanks to God.



Joshua with members of New Addington Baptist Church on Sunday 14th October 2018     
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