Mission Statement

Our Mission is to help make the Kingdom of God a visible reality in Ukraine


DHM Primarily Offers:

  • Compassionate care for people in need, such as the sick, disabled, refugees, orphans
  • Education, training and funding for local Christians to provide compassionate care
  • Dignity, not dependence, for the people Christ calls us to serve and equip


DHM’s Method of Operation:

  • Organises short-term mission/humanitarian trips to Ukraine
  • Provides people from the UK the opportunity to visit Ukraine by participating in these trips
  • Provides services, funding and resources to local churches in Ukraine

DHM provides services to:

  • Children and young people
  • Elderly people
  • Refugees


Where DHM Operates:

  • Throughout Ukraine, with a particular focus on the Eastern Dnipro region
  • In the United Kingdom, Europe and North America for fundraising purposes


DHM’s Objectives:

  • To provide humanitarian relief to vulnerable people, such as the sick and disabled, orphans and refugees in Ukraine
  • To advance the Christian faith in Ukraine for the benefit of the public through education and the provision of courses and practical seminars run by local Christian communities throughout the Dnipro Region. This will be in accordance with the doctrines and principles of Dnipro Hope Mission (set out in the DHM ‘Statement of Belief’)

As well as responding to particular situations of need and deprivation, Dnipro Hope Mission has the broader strategic aim of providing funding and human resources for children’s summer camps and training initiatives and Christian formation courses for pastors, missionaries and Christians working in professional spheres. These programmes will be aimed primarily – though not exclusively – at young adults.

Our Leaders

The leaders of Dnipro Hope Mission have considerable knowledge and experience of the former Soviet Union and have extensive contacts among local church leaders in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

In addition, DHM is served by an international advisory board, comprised of missionaries, leaders and Christian professionals from a variety of backgrounds.

Joshua Searle

Joshua SearleDr Joshua T. Searle is a writer, lecturer, speaker, humanitarian activist and evangelical Christian. A Northumbrian by birth and temperament, he studied at Oxford University (BA and MA), Prague (MTh) and Dublin (PhD). He has taught theology and philosophy in Germany, Ireland, the UK and Ukraine and is the author of books and articles (academic and popular) on the public significance of Christian faith. Fluent in German and Russian and proficient in many Slavic languages, he has had an active ministry in Ukraine over many years. He has co-written a book on mission in the former USSR, entitled, A Future and a Hope and a booklet on the Ukrainian evangelical church, entitled, Church Without Walls: Post-Soviet Baptists after the Ukrainian Revolution. He teaches at Spurgeon's College ( and is a Visiting Lecturer at Ukrainian Catholic University. He is a regular preacher and is glad to receive invitations to preach and/or to speak about the plight of churches in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. He is available to preach in English, Russian or German. He can be contacted at  


Deji Ayorinde

Deji Ayorinde Deji Ayorinde is a man with a vision to equip and empower others to fulfil their purpose.  He serves on the ministry team at Rye Lane Chapel in Peckham having graduated with a degree in Theology from Spurgeon's College. With over 17 years experience as a qualified Psychotherapist and 8 years as a certified Personal Coach, Deji is a mentor to many, both within and outside of the Church. His passions include music and he has been a Music Minister and Choir Director for over 15 years; this has included leading a mass choir of over 300 members. Deji also plays a key role in his involvement with community organisations including Peckham Citizens and Christians Against Poverty. His business interests include a website design company with a portfolio of over 900 websites.
Fluent in a number of European and African languages, Deji is crazy about boats, and has a personal ambition to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.  He thoroughly enjoys watching documentaries and is a keen squash player.  He can be contacted at


Varduyi Searle

Varduyi Searle


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