About Dnipro Hope Mission

At Dnipro Hope Mission our mission is to help make the Kingdom of God a visible reality in Ukraine.

We offer compassionate care for all people in need, such as the sick, disabled, refugees and orphans.  DHM works primarily with churches to provide education, training and funding, enabling local Christians to demonstrate the love of Christ within their communities.  We adhere to the principle of enabling dignity, not dependence, for the people Christ calls us to serve and equip, providing an environment in which all people can feel valued, safe and encouraged.  With a particular focus on the Eastern Dnipro region, DHM organises short-term mission/ humanitarian trips to Ukraine, giving people the opportunity to visit Ukraine by participating in these activities and providing services, funding and resources to local churches.

As a UK registered charity, DHM's objectives may be summarised as providing humanitarian relief to vulnerable people, such as the sick and disabled, orphans and refugees in Ukraine as well as seeking to advance the Christian faith in Ukraine for the benefit of the public through education and the provision of courses and practical seminars run by local Christian communities throughout the Dnipro Region. All our activities are carried out in accordance with the doctrines and principles of Dnipro Hope Mission (set out in the DHM ‘Statement of Belief). Although DHM is led by Christians, we do not place any religious obligation or restriction on any of our beneficiaries, supporters or staff.

DHM also has the broader strategic aim of providing funding and human resources for children's summer camps as well as facilitating educational courses and programmes for Christians working in professional spheres, in addition to pastors and missionaries.


The Board of Trustees

Dr Joshua T. Searle is a writer, lecturer, speaker, humanitarian activist and evangelical Christian. A Northumbrian by birth and temperament, he studied at Oxford University (BA and MA), Prague (MTh) and Dublin (PhD).

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Deji Ayorinde is a man with a vision to equip and empower others to fulfil their purpose. He serves on the ministry team at Rye Lane Chapel in Peckham having graduated with a degree in Theology from Spurgeon's College.

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Varduyi Searle currently works as a member of the Finance Team for a company that provides financial services for charities. Her previous roles include working at Spurgeon's College, a theological higher education institute in London.

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Afi Kirk is a visionary with a background of success in business and finance that spans nearly 20 years. The missional focus of Afi's ministry experience includes her spending 7 months in Spain, serving, teaching and preaching.

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The Team

Carolyn Henry has served at Lee New Testament Church of God since her early teens. She has been blessed with various speaking engagements, enhanced by her current studies at Spurgeon’s College for a Masters in Theology.

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Nat Moody is a Pioneer Minister with a passion for serving people on the fringes of church and society. A former young offender, Nat's life was dramatically transformed when he came to faith in Christ in his late teens.

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Originally from Kazakhstan, Andrei moved to Ukraine and graduated with a BA in Theology from Donetsk Christian University (DCU) in Eastern Ukraine, after which he worked as a teacher of the Hebrew Bible.

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Karine works as a primary school teacher in the Dnipro Region. Originally from the town of Vasylkivka, Karine helps to coordinate the DHM mission trips to Eastern Ukraine.

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Liliya grew up in Siberia during the time of the Soviet Union as the daughter of ethnic German migrants who settled in the Russian city of Novosibirsk. She came to faith as an adult.

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